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Canada Post Strike

Alberta Students

For more information regarding submitting documents during the postal strike, check out:

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2016 to 2017 Information

Finance Office

  1. Tuition and Mandatory Fee Deadline
    The due date for tuition and fees for Fall 2016 is August 31. Please ensure your account is settled or arrangements made prior to that date. If your student loan is approved and confirmed, you can settle your balance once you receive the funds. 
  2. Statement of your Account
    Account statements can be found on the student registration system ( Log in and click on billing. 
  3. Health and Dental Plans
    Undergraduate - $205 per year. Information: Email if you have any questions or concerns.
    Grad​uate - $400 per year. Information: Email if you have any questions or concerns. 
  4. Questions regarding loans or your student account?
    Email Daniel –
    Information regarding tuition and fees:
    Payment Methods:

Campus Services

  1. Construction along 26 Ave and Springborough Blvd may impact the number of available parking spots on the street. Please be aware of where you are parking and the rules and regulations for parking along the street. The City of Calgary manages these parking spaces and will ticket/tow at owners’ expense.

  2. If you require a locker or parking spot at Ambrose University, you will need to apply for one. Fill out the applicable form here:

    Locker Rental Costs
    - ½ Size: $40 per semester | $60 per school year
    - ¾ Size: $50 per semester | $75 per school year

    Parking Cost
    - $210 + GST per semester or $420 + GST for the school year

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Scholarship News


The Indigenous Careers Award is back this year again from Student Aid Alberta. If you have Indigenous status  and are enroled in: Business, BHS, Science or Education, you may be eligible. Read more at: Schedule a meeting with financial aid coordinator if you want to apply.

Amount: $2,000/semester/maximum of $4,000 in an academic year

Deadline is Nov. 11, 2016


Contact Hannah Temple, Financial Aid coordinator if you have any questions.




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Health and Dental Plans

Mandatory for all eligible students. Opt-outs available for those that qualify. Review the information below.

Note: Rates are subject to change without notice.
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Canada Student Loan



Canada Student Loan has new news about grants. Grants are financial awards that are non-repayable based on your family’s income. Don’t miss out on a possible grant to fund your tuition costs this fall. Find out more at:


Dan Yu, Student Accounts and Recievables

Hannah Temple, Financial Aid Coordinator


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World Suicide Prevention Day 2016

U of C is hosting a World Suicide Prevention Day Monday September 12th at 5:30 PM in the University Theatre. This impactful event will feature music by Sealegs, coffee from Fratello and powerful speaker Kevin Hines will share his survival story after his attempted suicide. Tickets are free and are available here


Please contact Liz Jantzen in Student Development ( for any further questions!

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New Scholarship


Job Applications is offering a $1,000 scholarship to Canadian parents who are pursuing post-secondary education. Applicants must write a 600-1000 word essay discussing their experience as a parent working through school and explain three pieces of advice they would give to someone in a similar situation. See more at:

Deadline:  Dec 10, 2016.


Contact: Hannah Temple, Financial Aid Coordinator  403-410-2938


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Undergraduate Health and Dental Plan Effective September 2016

Student Council has been hard at work this summer putting together a health and dental plan that will come in to effect this September. More information will be released later in July, but here are the need-to-know details at this time: 
What does it cost and what is covered?
- The plan is $205 for a full year of coverage and will cover dental, vision, prescriptions, and extended health, as well as travel insurance and mental health resources (including 24/7 over-the-phone counselling services). 
Who is eligible? 
- All full-time (9 credits or more), undergraduate students will be automatically enrolled at the end of August. Part-time students may choose to opt-in before the deadline in September. 
What if I don't want the plan?
- If students are already covered under another health plan, they may choose to opt-out. The deadline for opt-out (or opt-in) is September 25th, with coverage beginning on October 1st. It is the responsibility of the STUDENT to complete the opt-out process BEFORE the deadline. 
Check in again in the upcoming weeks for more details! If you have any questions, send them to

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New Scholarships

New Scholarship: ATCO Pipelines Indigenous Education Awards Program

Do you originate from Indigenous Communities within 50 km of ATCO Pipelines and facilities in Alberta? You may be eligible for Merit Awards of $500 for high school students or scholarships of $1500 for university students. To find out more, please contact Hannah Temple Financial Aid Coordinator, or 403-410-2938

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Slow Kingdom Coming Book Talk - Free! June 22nd

If you are involved in mission or justice work this event is for you.

Are you sometimes discouraged by slow progress?

Ever wondered how you can engage in healthier partnerships for development?

Curious about practices that will keep you from burning out as you work for justice over the long haul?

June 22nd 7-8PM, Come and hear Kent Annan - author, speaker and co-director of Haiti Partners, discuss these and other themes from his new book - Slow Kingdom Coming.

Light refreshments + Q&A + Discussion with others involved in transformational work.

Tours of the Dream Centre available at 6:30/free and open to the public/403-477-2065

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