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Attention all students!

Our student leader hiring fair is February 14th from 12-1 in the lower atrium! Come eat chips and salsa and learn about the many different ways you can be involved in student leadership positions such as: RA's, CLL's, FYE Leaders, Student Council and more!

Can't wait to see you there!


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LYC Volunteer Opportunities!

Hi Ambrose Students, 
As you all know Legacy Youth conference is fast approaching and will be taking place the weekend of March 17th-19th. We are still looking for volunteers for some of the different areas. 
The areas that we still looking for some help with are meals, ushers, afternoon options, set up and take down of decorations or the gym and watchmen. Legacy Youth Conference is a great way to get involved, add some volunteer experience to your resume or just have a great time with other volunteers. If you would like to be involved or have any questions please contact Alex Wolfe at
Hope to see you there, 
Central Planning Team 

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The Tenth Annual Great Library Cookie Giveaway

Thanks to the 126 of you who’ve filled out a library survey. We’d like to beat last year’s total of 165, so if you haven’t filled one out:
It’s elementary, my dear Watson! Take 5.37 minutes (or less) to complete the Ambrose Library Survey
and then drop by the circulation desk to pick up your delicious special homemade cookie.
Candid Comments are Critical! (please be as specific as you can)
Your responses help us improve collections and services and establish budget priorities.
The survey will be available until 5:00 p.m., Friday 17 February.
Sandy Ayer

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Charles Neinkirchen Classes

As of July 1/2017 Dr. Charles Nienkirchen, Professor of Christian History and Spirituality, will be entering a 3 yr. phased retirement at Ambrose University. The following is the schedule of spirituality courses he will teach during that period. If you are interested in taking any of these courses you should plan for them in your program of study.
Fall/2017- REL 368/CS 660-Exploring the Dream Experience 

Module– Nov 6-10 (limit 20 students)


Winter/2018 - REL 365/CS 661-Exploring the Desert/Wilderness Experience 

Module – Feb 20-24 (limit 20 students)


Fall/2018 - REL 364/CS 662-Prayer Paths to God 

Module – Nov 5-9 (limit 25 students)


Winter/2019 - REL 368/CS 660- Exploring the Dream Experience   

Module - Feb 19-23 (limit 20 students)


Fall/2019 - REL 364/CS 662-Prayer Paths to God

Module – Nov 12-16 (tentative) (limit-25 students)


Winter/2020 - REL 365/CS 661-Exploring the Desert/Wilderness Experience 

Module – Feb 18-22 (limit- 20 students)

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Faith, Life, and Learning Event at Ambrose This Week


Our theme: Earthkeeping – Creation Care for Christians.

Our speaker: Leah Kostamo


Four chances to hear her speak and ask her questions:


Feb. 15 - Open Class (Airhart) 2), 11:15am: The Biblical Basis for Creation Care

Feb. 15 - Word and Table Chapel, 4:30pm: Jesus the Outdoorsman (in Choral Classroom)

Feb. 16 - Chapel, 11:15am: Do Christians Hate the World?

Feb. 16 - Public Lecture, 7:30pm: Responding with Christian Hope to the Environmental Crisis.​


About our Speaker: Leah Kostamo is a self-described earthkeeper and storyteller. Twelve years ago she and her husband Markku helped launch the work of A Rocha (, Canada's first Christian environmental center.  She is the author of Planted: A Story of Creation, Calling, and Community.​

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Chapels this Week

Chapels this Week

Tuesday 11:15am - TRC Chapel: Alanna Schwartz talks about her experience working with Anchored Warriors 

Wednesday 4:30 - Guest speaker: Leah Kostamo on "Jesus the Outdoorsman"

Thursday 11:15am - Guest speaker: Leah Kostamo on "Do Christians Hate the World?"



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Westside Kings Babysitters Needed Feb 24

Westside is having our annual community dinner on Friday, February 24 and we are in need of some help with childcare that evening. Needing 5-10 Ambrose students,that might want to help out for a couple of hours. We'd pay them each $15/hr for around 3 hours worth of work. It will be pretty chill (pizza, movie, maybe even a bouncy house) and we'll have a regular Westside volunteer around at all times just in case there are any questions/concerns.

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Films for Faith this Thursday, 7pm (Airhart): “Her”


This Oscar-winning film (best original screenplay) explores an unlikely romance (between the main character, played by Joaquin Phoenix, and his phone), the complexity of our relationship to technology, and the meaning of Incarnation. The film will be introduced by the Chaplain, Terry Fach. (Viewer warning: Her is rated R primarily for sex and brief nudity. Three sex scenes depict various nontraditional sexual encounters, none of which are two actual bodies having intercourse. The most intense sex scene is actually only heard, not seen. The sex in the film is explicit almost entirely on an auditory level. The film is also heavy on profanity

Terry Fach

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Open House Reminder


Hello everyone! Just a reminder that our upcoming Open House will be Thursday February 16.

A few things to be aware of:

potentially 200 people will be on campus therefore it will be noisy and busy in the halls and classes
Shine FM will be on campus doing a live remote
Master's Academy and Calgary Christian HS will also be bringing their Grade 11 students to campus

We really appreciate everyone being so willing to help out, and open our campus doors for this key critical event.

If you have any questions, contact Kalie at Thank you for your support!

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