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Life in Residence

  • five young women standing in a hallway beneath lights

For all three years I’ve been at Ambrose, I have lived in residence. Residence is a great place to meet new people, live with your friends, and get to know campus even better. Each floor has a unique name, with a special meaning behind it. I live on a floor called Chesley, and we have a few notable floor traditions. One is called Beauty Queen when we tell our embarrassing story of the week. One of the most memorable Beauty Queen moments for me was on November 24, 2020. I was walking in Superstore, going up to the cashier, when I saw a huge shelf full of chocolate in plastic champagne bottles. I decided to grab one for my secret sister for Christmas because she loved chocolate! It was the perfect gift! Until it went horribly wrong. I reached up to grab one, and my world went into slow motion. The boxes started to move forward, and then the shelf fell… on top of me. So I’m standing in the middle of Superstore, holding a shelf up, with chocolate all over the floor around me. It was terribly embarrassing. 

All that to say that Ambrose Residence can provide some amazing (and hilarious) moments throughout your stay. Getting to know the people you live with will be one of the most rewarding and impactful experiences in your university career. Living with the people on your floor provides the best support system you could ever ask for. Living in residence has been my favorite part of Ambrose. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2022